Hm, I hadn't thought about that.  I can see how tags might get me partway
there: tag all organic coffees with "organic", all honey-pulped coffees with
"honey-pulped", etc.  Some gaps I think I'd have to fill (I haven't used the
tags extension, so I could be wrong):

   - A way to separate tags into categories.  Hermosa Reserva is a
   shade-grown, single-estate, "relationship" coffee; it's processed by washing
   the beans; and it's characterized by the bourbon varietal. Tags will let me
   say it's "bourbon relationship shade-grown single-estate washed" - but these
   tags are about different aspects of the coffee, and we want them on
   different parts of the page.  Something like <r:tags group="processing"/>,
   - Tags as content in their own right. We have a page that explains what
   "washed" coffee is.  To make coffees tagged as "washed" link to it
   automatically, I think I'd need to do something like

<r:tags:each group="processing">
<r:find url="/processing/<r:tag:slug/>">
<r:link />

... which can't be done in Radius.  Or, I suppose, manually do 'if washed
then link to washed', etc., but that kind of defeats the purpose.  Maybe I'm
too much of a programmer.

   - A way to select tags from a list.  If it were me building the site, I'd
   be happy to type in tags all day long; but my client would be the first to
   tell you, we don't want the functioning of the site to depend on him typing
   things in with consistent spelling and syntax.

... all of which could be solved by building my extension on top of the tags
extension.  But I think all these missing features indicate a mismatch:
Tagging is really about unstructured, or at least loosely structured, data;
what I'm looking for is a way to create structured data from the content
side.  Interesting.

Glad you enjoyed the site.  I'm not responsible for the design and writing -
I'm the make-it-work guy - but yeah, one of the goals was to make it not
look like it was built on a template we got somewhere.  (And it wasn't.)

Thanks for the ideas

On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Steven Southard

> Have you looked at tags? I think a clever use of tags might get you where
> you are wanting to go. By the way, very interesting website.  Not sure I
> understand its navigation very well but who cares about that.  I like the
> writing, the art, and that it doesn't look like a template.  Good work, I
> think I'm gonna have start some coffee now.
> Steven
> On Apr 11, 2009, at 2:46 PM, Erik Ostrom wrote:
>  I've noticed a lot of my custom coding with Radiant is about defining
>> relationships between pages that cut across the tree structure.  For
>> example, on, a coffee has one or more
>> varietals.
>>> From a coffee page, you can go to any of its varietals, and from the
>> varietal page, to other coffees that have the same varietal.  When they
>> add
>> or remove a coffee from the site, the associated varietal pages are
>> updated
>> automatically.
>> Likewise, each coffee has several "marks" (organic, fair trade, etc.), and
>> one processing method.  To implement these, I've created a bunch of page
>> types that don't have anything to them besides a class name and an
>> association, and some admin page fragments that the customer uses to say
>> which coffees have which varietals, etc.
>> I've been thinking about creating a generic extension to manage these
>> associations.  Roughly speaking, customers could define their own page
>> types
>> from the admin UI, and which page types can be associated with each other.
>> (I don't know yet whether I'd actually try to generate distinct page
>> classes
>> and ActiveRecord associations, or just a new page attribute and one big
>> join
>> table.)  And the extension would automatically generate select boxes as
>> needed for the page admin UI.
>> Does this sound like a good idea to anyone else?  Or a bad one?  (Is there
>> a
>> simpler way that I've been missing?)  And before I get started... has
>> anyone
>> implemented it already?
>> --Erik Ostrom
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