I am converting the Radiant Gallery Extension views to Flash.
The reason is that this is required is to prevent images being downloaded
by many different techniques from the 'public' directory, e.g

This is for Galleries that will have an Ecommerce component.
I want to combine 'Restfulx' (http://restfulx.org/) and 'Radiant' to
achieve this.

The 'gallery' extension admin is perfect for setting up the galleries, may
need a small change to recognise that the galllery is eCommerce enabled.
Anyway I want to use 'irb' to test the relationships.

Why 'irb' because it is more fine grained, to me, anyway, to find problems.

I also love 'radius' (http://radius.rubyforge.org/) but I am really
struggling to incorporate all of this, to basically test with 'irb'. Once
that is done the the Adobe/Flex/restfulX stuff will be a no brainer.

I want to  release this as a fork/extension when this is done.

Any any help/pointers would be appreciated.



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