I'm encountering an app error using the paperclipped extensions with Radiant (edge/master -- 512351fe5e4ab61cbbfdcb5866f6e5f9212c5ee1)

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `template_name' for #<AssetsController:0xb6c49a80>) on line #2 of vendor/extensions/ paperclipped/app/views/assets/edit.html.haml:
1: - include_stylesheet 'admin/assets'
2: = render_region :top
4: - render_region :main do |main|
5:   - main.edit_header do

/var/www/cimes.hawaii.edu/current/vendor/radiant/app/helpers/ admin/regions_helper.rb:24:in `lazy_initialize_region_set' /var/www/cimes.hawaii.edu/current/vendor/radiant/app/helpers/ admin/regions_helper.rb:3:in `render_region'

This happened to me before in the settings extension. At the time, I just hacked the settings_controller by adding "@template = 'index'" to the .index method. Ugly, but it worked. Now I'm seeing this crop up in paperclipped. The failing code in regions_helper is here:

  def lazy_initialize_region_set
    unless @region_set
      @controller_name ||= @controller.controller_name
      @template_name ||= @controller.template_name
      @region_set = admin.send(@controller_name).send(@template_name)

I'm not sure where to look next. .template_name is defined in the resource_controller, but both of these controllers are subclasses of ApplicationController, not Admin::ResourceController. That explains why the regions_helper blows up, but do I change the parent class of settings_controller & asset_controller, (causing all sorts of other mayhem?) or is there another solution.

Aloha a hui hou,
Ken Mayer / kma...@bitwrangler.com / 808-722-6142 / http://www.bitwrangler.com/

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