Jim Gay wrote:
We're playing with a simple way to block spam on our site and have push changes back into our fork of the comments extension http://github.com/saturnflyer/radiant-comments/tree/master

Here's the gist of it:
It’s easy to use: you simply add

<code>What color is a stop sign? < r:spam_answer_tag answer="red" /></code>

Take a look at my post about it and a sample form to test it out http://www.saturnflyer.com/blog/jim/2009/05/05/radiant-comments-and-spam/

I'd love some feedback.

It looks nice! Thanks for working on Comments - I'm just about to take a deep breath and start working on integrating Comments... I'm going to benefit from your work :)

The spam blocking thing looks neat too. I need to set it up to see more. Will get back :)

5/6/2009 | 1:10 AM.

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