I looked in google on this topic but couldnt find a good answer. I've
uploaded jquery.js to public/javascripts and added a <script
src="/javascript/jquery.js"> on the normal template, which has the header,
and it makes my site come blank.

I've looked and the url is ok (and the request is ok too in firebug), but
the page doesn't show.

I have no script on my page yet, just loaded jquery.

I have the 0.7.1 radiant version with Markdown, Archives and Textile
extensions (the default that comes with radiant). My main page has no
filters attached to it, and still adding jquery to the header messes up my

The <body> tag comes empty and closed: <body/>
And nothing else comes on the layout file (no stylesheets, nothing), just
the script.

Do you know how to use Jquery without breaking Radiant ?

Best regards,
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