Joel Oliveira wrote:
I know I'll come off as the guy who turns to the javascript hammer every time he needs a tool to fix a problem -BUT, that'd be a 3 or 4 line implementation with some JS. Or is that out of the question for your purposes?

I thought there was something more Radiant specific. Maybe it was the banner rotator that I was thinking of, but I don't think I that will work for what I am trying to do.

In an ideal world, what I want to do would be this: The css background-image property of a div would use a random image from a directory of images that have completely random names. The client I am building a site for has a Phanfare feed, and I would like to use their images as backgrounds. I was thinking about setting up a cron job to pull images from their feed into a directory on the web server, then randomly choose an image from that directory.

Every javascript solution I have seen requires that the images be named "samename_#.jpg" and and a random number is chosen and added into the filename. That is probably something I can achieve with the radiant random number generator and a stylesheet. I was looking for a more automated solution.

Do you know of any javascripts or jQuery scripts that would allow for non-uniform file names?

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