Hi All,

I would like to do some simple stuff like change colors, add a logo image,
etc.  I think i've done everything correctly but my layout changes are not
being picked up by Radiant.

Talking with Sean Cribbs this morning in #radiantcms I created an extension
and added an application.html.haml file via:
script/generate extension ModLayout
touch vendor/extensions/mod_layout/app/views/application.html.haml

In application.html.haml i pasted the contents of Radiant's default
application.html.haml with some tweaks to the footer as a test.

Upload loading up my app i see no change in the admin.  If i load a console
i can see the following:

=> ["/home/itch/vendor/extensions/mod_layout/app/views",


So looks like view_paths is picking up my extension path OK, but layout_list
has nothing in there. (Sean said it should).

I'm pretty new so if anyone has suggestions or thougts on what might be
wrong i would love to hear anything.

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