justin blecher wrote:

A handful of you know that Josh French and I work at Digital Pulp in
NYC. We recently built and launched the CACM site
<http://cacm.acm.org/>, which of course, runs [a hot-rodded version
of] Radiant. Client loves it, Radiant FTW, etc.

Anyway, it was just brought to my attention that Radiant got a minor
shout-out in an article in a B2B marketing rag:


Choice quote: "Radiant is easy for a nontechnical staff of two
full-time people to use [...]". Yep, that's our Radiant! :-) Other
than that, the [non-technical] article just talks about how
open-source was important for our client.

Cheers, and keep up the good work, folks!


PS - Hopefully DP will have some good/useful code to contribute back
to the community this summer. Stay tuned.


Awesome!  The inverted tags (the sequence of lurk) is intentional?

6/6/2009 | 1:52 AM.

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