Speaking of the registry - has there been any discussion into giving that a
bit of an overhaul itself?  There's a whole lot of information not included
there that would be hugely beneficial to those new to Radiant.  I hate to
pull this in, but ... the way wordpress's plugin directory works has always
been an immense help when necessary to find that one thing you need to pull

Just my $.02

- Joel

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 7:59 AM, Jim Gay <j...@saturnflyer.com> wrote:

> On Jun 9, 2009, at 6:51 AM, Jason Garber wrote:
>  Extension management has come a long way... we now have a registry and
>> install/uninstall scripts, but it still leaves a lot to be desired in terms
>> of keeping track of what extensions work with a given version of Radiant and
>> at what point.  Generally things are okay and you can just install an
>> extension and be pretty sure it will work, but there's always a time around
>> Radiant releases when extensions are in limbo.  I'd like to have us
>> articulate a plan for conquering this sooner rather than later.
>> My suggestions for requirements:
>> 1.) Extension authors have a way of specifying a minimum Radiant version
>> with each release/revision of the extension.
> I chatted with John Muhl about this and I believe he implemented a
> minimum/maximum Radiant version requirement in Ray ( in addition to the way
> it handles dependencies).
> And Josh French implemented a "config.extension 'my_extension'" here
> http://github.com/jfrench/radiant/commit/73f9cfc9b3caf62080d2b1b6b3a5fc4e42d01a49
>  2.) Extensions not be dependent on authors to specify compatibility with
>> newer versions of Radiant.  If the extension was last updated in 2008 but it
>> works for 0.8 without changes, you don't have to do a thing.  I want to
>> avoid the Firefox Add-ons problem where I upgrade FF and my extensions are
>> disabled because their authors are behind the curve.  Too pessimistic for my
>> tastes.
> I agree, but there may be a problem where an author is no longer active and
> an extension-breaking change came out in Radiant unbeknownst to him/her and
> we'd need the registry to be able to change the active author or active fork
> on github... or....
>  3.) Perhaps some way of the community saying, "this extension needs fixing
>> before it will work with 0.8."  And a way for the extension maintainer to
>> clear that note once they make the upgrade.  (Maybe just an
>> all-users-writable text field per extension in the registry)
> Hopefully, once we hit 1.0, we'll have fewer extension breaking changes.
> The new UI will be coming and that'll require some developers to change
> their extensions too.
>  4.) The extension install script installs the latest compatible version of
>> an extension.
> Definitely needed. Currently the registry only provides a compatible
> Radiant version as an FYI and it's totally flat (only one version can be
> managed).
>  5.) Easy upgrades.  One command to upgrade Radiant and all my extensions.
>> Discuss.
>> Sean, you mentioned you had an idea about how extension gems might work.
>>  I'd love to hear it when you're ready.  I think gems could help solve many
>> of the above requirements.
>> Jason
> In addition, I think it would make complete sense to remove this page from
> the wiki http://wiki.github.com/radiant/radiant/thirdparty-extensions
> Encouraging authors to put their content into the registry is long overdue.
> I've been meaning to, but haven't had time, add a feature to the registry
> where you can add an extension to the registry without an author (because
> you might find an extension on github but the author hasn't signed up at the
> registry), and later claim an orphaned extension as your own.
> This would consolidate the info from Github, the Wiki, the Registry, the
> Ray extension, and who knows where else.
> -Jim
> Jim Gay
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