Hi All,

Well, my first contribution was apparently flawed, but I'm working on it. :)

Now that my site is up and running I wanted to install a few
extensions to add functionality.  I have really been fighting with the
install process trying to force it to work with the PRODUCTION
environment, but it just wouldn't listen.  I tried many iterations of
command line parameters, explicitly set the RAILS_ENV in
environment.rb, and was getting pretty frustrated.  The installs were
still erroring out when trying to fork off rake tasks.  I read through
some old discussions that Google found, but never saw an applicable

I looked through the Rakefile and finally had an idea.  Rake wasn't
looking at environment.rb, it was going for boot.rb.  So I opened up
my config/boot.rb, casually ignored the warnings at the top of the
file, and put the following on the first line:

ENV['RAILS_ENV'] = 'production'

Now everything is golden.  Installs are no problem.  Is this dumb or
bad practice for some reason?

- Jeff
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