Jim Gay wrote:
I haven't looked closely at the extensions out there for member management. I believe that a common approach is to just piggy-back on the existing users, but personally I would not do that. The purpose of Radiant's users and your extra users are different enough that they make sense being separate, and you'd also control that better by rolling your own authentication scheme. I think Ba does this (http://github.com/aslakhellesoy/ba/tree/master)

I think I agree completely with Jim on this one. I've always viewed the Radiant login system as being there for the content managers... not for forum users, general public who need to log in to comment, or for the kind of task you have in mind. I would treat the Radiant users as "us" [who provide the service/ content] and the rest of the users (logged in or otherwise) as "them" [recipients of the service].

I'm curious to see the responses to how to achieve what you want to do - I want to go in that direction myself.

6/22/2009 | 10:11 AM.

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