On Jul 27, 2009, at 2:24 PM, Mamed Mamedov wrote:

Hi everybody!

Here how I have resolved my problem with changing page's layout on- the-fly:) I have created my own extension folder with my namespace-tags for unusual

 desc %{
   Works like design switcher.
 tag 'gsession:design' do |tag|
     design_type = request.session["gsession_design"]
     if design_type == nil
         design_type = GenieSessionExtension.defaults[:design]
         request.session["gsession_design"] = design_type
     if layout = Layout.find_by_name(tag.attr["#{design_type}"])
         tag.globals.page.layout = layout

I have created layout named "master-index" with only one line in it:
<r:gsession:design full="full-index" light="light-index" />

With 2 arguments, which describes layout names for 'full' and 'light'
version of my site. You can define 'gsession_*design*' session variable at
any time by hitting, for example:* /genie/set/design/light*
All my pages have selected 'master-index' layout.
That is all, while page is rendered my tag switches current layout to
'full-index' or 'light-index' named layouts.

Waiting for comments ... Thank you:)

Have you disabled caching to do this?

Mamed Mamedov

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 6:16 PM, Sean Cribbs <seancri...@gmail.com> wrote:

If all of your pages have the same layout at any time, make sure all
descendant pages have their layout set to <inherit> and then your extension
could change the layout on the root page.
However, it would not be trivial to do this on a per-user basis. Have you considered something like a combination of Javascript and CSS that lets your
users switch layouts?


Mamed Mamedov wrote:

Hi everybody!

I have a little question: how can I change page's layout from within my
Problem is, that I have 2 different page layouts for my site: [
and light-version ].
I want to write a mini-extension to switch between designs of my site
hitting: /design/set/full and /design/set/light or /design/reset
And I'am saving current design variable in current user's session.

And now, just need to change current page's layout on the fly accordingly
session value.
Mamed Mamedov
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