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I am very new to Radiant, and the community, so please forgive me if I'm asking a silly question, or for too much. (I did try looking for this topic in the archives, but couldn't come up with the right search phrases, I'm afraid.)

I'd like to make a standardized layout for what essentially are templated profile pages. The main body of the profile would be pretty flexible, in terms of content (About, Background, Other Info), but I want to set up a sidebar that is more standardized. In this space, the content should be consistent from page to page, with some of the data points chosen from a set of options (see my example below).

What would be the best way to accomplish this? I was thinking of using a combination of the WYSIWYM extension and specified defaults of page parts to help an administrator add new profile pages to a site, but I'd like to be able to set up something easy for the side bar without having to add a new page part (tab) for each of bit of data. Is there a way to include editable default text to page parts, which would at least provide sample data to be replaced? Is there some kind of form that can be created in the Page admin to generate a page? If I were to make each of those pieces snippets, the snippet pieces would still need to be specified within the page context, and I would again need to have some kind of prepopulated content within the page parts to ensure each data point was included.

I don't have anything to show just now, as I'm simply trying to work out these details, but please let me know if there's any other information I can provide to better illustrate my questions. Thanks!


Example: If this were a template for company executives the content might look like this:

__Personnel Page__
- "About": Main content, free-form descriptive text.
- Personal picture
- Sidebar:
- Company Location (specific options)
- Department (specific options)
- Alma Mater (one line of free text)
- Years Employed (number)

Personally, I think what you ought to do is create an extension which allows the user to edit/select their details from their preferences. Then, make some tags for yourself to conditionally output the data in the layout. Doing it that way would give you control over the data. When it's in snippets or page parts, its all free-form.

Thanks so much,

Jim Gay

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