Eric de Hont wrote:
Hi all,

Being a newbie to Radiant I have encountered -and <gloat>solved</gloat>- a little problem. I'll describe the problem and the solution so other people might learn from the mistakes I made.

Perhaps a more experienced person can give some background information.

Environment: Radiant CMS version 0.8.1.

Problem: installing the extentions 'settings' and 'paperclipped' fails with sqlite3-errors. Still the extentions get a status 'installed' and after that, every work you try to do as admin leads to internal server errors. (500)

Solution: Making the 'production' and 'development' database equal in config/database.yml, uninstalling the extentions and installing them again.

The current INSTALL-file says:

"2. Edit config/database.yml to taste. There are example files available for various databases in the config directory."

Perhaps it should also say: "Unless you are an experienced Radiant developer, make sure your production and development environment point to the same database."

Perhaps this is of any help.

P.S.: I don't see any example files in the config directory.

Hi Eric,

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when working with Radiant,

1. In general, most users don't need to use the "development" mode - that should only really be used if you're creating and debugging an extension, but would not really be needed if you're only developing a site. In those cases, you would just use "production" mode.

2. Therefore, you should set up your database.yml to have a nice proper database setting for the production environment.

3. The main problem people run into is when doing rake xxx:yyy - since the default setting for a Rails app tends to be development, you need to specifically tell rake to use the production environment. So, you should almost always be doing something like:
   > rake production db:bootstrap
   > rake production radiant:extensions:copy_move:install
..and so on.

The reason you're ending up trying to point your development and production to the same database is probably because of #3 above. You're getting errors because your not pointing it to use the production database - the system's using the development settings. Therefore, by setting your development and production to being the same, you're "short circuiting" it!

Hope this helps.

9/13/2009 | 10:18 PM.

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