On Sep 19, 2009, at 3:20 PM, Nate wrote:
The problem is that the captcha doesn't affect the submission of the form at all. It can be ignored or entered incorrectly and the form is still submitted as usual.

Here is the form as I have it set up:
<r:mailer:form redirect_to="/contact/thank-you/" id="contact">

<h3 class="contactForm">Drop me a line.</h3>
<p class="textInput"><label>Name:</label> <r:mailer:text name="name" required="true" /><r:if_error on='name'><br /><span style="color:red;">Name is required</span></r:if_error></p> <p class="textInput"><label>Email:</label> <r:mailer:text name="email" required="true" /><r:if_error on='name'><br /><span style="color:red;">Email is required</span></r:if_error></p>
<p class="textArea"><label>Message:</label><br />
<r:mailer:textarea name="message" /><br />
<r:recaptcha public_key="public key" error="Please enter the captcha" />
<input type="submit" value="send" /></p>


Do I need to set the field to required, like on the other required fields? There is nothing in the extension readme about using the captcha. Any pointers would be appreciated.


I stupidly had the recaptcha check failing silently with a simple warning. I've fixed this. Try updating both the and recaptcha recaptcha_mailer extensions and see if works or what error it gives in your logs. Also, here are a few notes:

* Make sure you have the recaptcha extension installed. (http://github.com/tekwiz/radiant-recaptcha-extension ) * You do not need to have the public_key defined in the tag unless you have chosen to not define it in your configuration/Settings. * You should not define the error attribute in the recaptcha tag that way. It is to override the _current_ error message. For safety, I have removed this attribute from the newest version of the recaptcha extension. * Verify that your keys are set correctly (Gottcha: make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the string).

    Travis D Warlick, Jr
    Lead Developer - Operis Systems, LLC

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