Just wondering whether tradiant be a good starting point for these

* want a backend web application/service that has an API to allow a
desktop client application to programmatically upload complete web
pages (HTML & images that the HTML links to) to be hosted
* the web application API would have to support (a) create account for
new user, (b) upload / modify / delete web pages for specified user
* part of creating the account for user would be to set them up with a
username/password, as the content needs to be private (user will need
username/password to access)
* so each of the accounts (setup with a user password) are all
separate with no linkages - it's just a service that will allow
multiple users to have their own HTML/images hosted, and the point
being that they won't manually set this up themselves, but rather the
clientside application will have the smarts to do this, therefore
requires the back-end web application/service to provide the API

I guess the fallback for me would be to develop a website from the
ground up to do this (e.g. Ruby on Rails), but it would be nice to
have something as a starting point.

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