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Nate wrote:
Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
[check!] done.

Ditto that. But I don't really see snippets fitting neatly in either a design or content section. I use them for both.
and that's why there's an option to select that. I always explain snippets as reusable pieces that can be used elsewhere.

I use snippets both ways so I thought I'd offer some couple of suggestions. I'm not sure how keen I am on these ideas yet...

  1. Have both Content Snippets and Design Snippets (visible to their
     respective users, of course).  Namespacing would have to be
     addressed (one possible solution would be layouts show preference
     for using Design Snippets and fall back to using Content Snippet
     if an appropriately named Design Snippet is not found.  Pages
     would show the reverse preference or maybe only permit the use of
     Content Snippets).

  2. Same as #1 but offer a configuration (either at the Radiant UI
     level or a Rake task for use at site creation).  This way site
     admins could turn on or off the two snippets.  You could have one
     type or both or even none (ala John Muhl)

  3. In many ways Snippets are just Page Parts without a URL.  What if
     Snippets remained content items and Layouts had their own
     reference-able page parts for reusable content.

  4. Similar to #3 What if the layout snippets were combined with
     Layouts in the index view. It strikes me that there aren't that
     many layouts in most sites nor layout snippets.  Perhaps it would
     simplify things in the users mind if they were more tightly
     grouped together.

Or maybe these are all just baloney. I wanted to record them for posterity and throw them out there in case it gave anyone an idea.

BTW, the survey question #3 doesn't allow for "both" And I'd probably answer the same for #4 too.

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