John has now officially added the i18n branch to the feature set of the upcoming 0.9 release (though we may not make the RC1 release on Friday).

In order to get the ready, I need all the people who have done translations to take a look at the Radiant i18n branch on github and update their tranlsations. I completely changed the format and there have been a number of small changes in the Blade interface.

There are also two new rake tasks to aid in translating the Interface,

rake radiant:i18n:sync


rake radiant:i18:new LOCALE=pt, where 'pt' would be Portugese

The sync task will add any terms in the English file to all other language files and the new task copies the English, but gives it the name passed in the LOCALE variable.

If you add or fix a translation, send me a pull request and I will get it in asap. One note, the tag translations have been moved out into a separate file. These will need to wait a while, if you have started, no changes are will be lost, but we need to carefully consider how to do the translations and keep in the inline descriptions of each tag.

Finally, I still need Spanish, Italian and any other language you can offer. RIght now, we have German, French, Japanese and Russian. I have not added different localized versions of languages yet, but we can easily do that. en-US and en-GB being the most obvious candidates. But given the nature of the Radiant interface, I am not sure that we need it.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out with translations and I am looking forward to getting this finished.

Keith Bingman
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