Sharon Clift wrote:
We use the old version of page attachments.  How do we go about
upgrading page attachments to the newest version without losing all of
the images on our site?
I couldn't find any documentation on how to upgrade the attachments and
I assume our version will break with 0.9.0?

As it is an RC1 release it probably shouldn't be used on a production site. If you haven't upgraded to 0.8.1 I suggest doing that first. I have a feeling it will be a little while before the extension maintainers will get all the useful extensions upgraded for 0.9.

The upgrade path for extensions is different for different people, as well. Is your project managed with any kind of source control mechanism (subversion, git, etc.)? Since I manage my projects with git, with all my extensions added as submodules, it goes something like this for me:

> cd vendor/extensions/page_attachments

> git pull

> cd ../../..

> git submodule init && git submodule update

> rake radiant:extensions:page_attachments:migrate

> rake radiant:extensions:page_attachments:update

> git add *

> git commit -m "..."

> git push

> cap deploy

Then ssh into the server and migrate the extension there. Or depending on the situation (major update vs. minor one) I'll export the mysql db and import the development db into my production one. Not sure it's exactly "best practice" to do it that way, but that's how I do it now.

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