Radiant CMS is really awesome and helpful. We've made a lot of sites using
it, and this is our chance to give something back: creating a series of
screencasts (Radiantcasts <http://blog.aissac.ro/category/radiantcasts>) to
present extensions that we made or use, new features of Radiant, interesting
techniques and a lot of other stuff.
The first "test"
a presentation of one of Aissac's latest extensions, the Sitemap
XML extension <http://github.com/Aissac/radiant-sitemap-xml-extension> (which
automatically generates an XML Sitemap for your site).

Please bear in mind that this is my first ever screencast, so it might be a
little rough around the edges, (although I spend like 12 hours making it),
but I'm sure that with your suggestions and comments I'll get better in no

PS: the next screencast is almost ready, I'll present our Globalize2
extension. I chose some of our extensions to go first as I know them better,
but I plan on presenting a lot of extensions and basically showing the world
the power of Radiant CMS.

Thanks for watching and please give some feedback.
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