I've been experimenting with embedding the 'title' tag.

Redcloth does this with the 'acronym mechanism.

>From http://redcloth.org/textile/writing-paragraph-text/
there is the example

  The EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) is measuring
  GHG(greenhouse gas) emissions.

being mapped to

 <p>The <acronym title="Environmental Protection Agency">
 <span class="caps">EPA</span></acronym> is measuring
 <acronym title="greenhouse gas"><span class="caps">GHG</span></acronym>

The key bit here is that the
        title="Environmental Protection Agency"
causes a popup.

I want to do a similar thing but end up as

         title="explanatory text"
         multi word stuff, not upper case

The 'tag' will probably be a <span>

The best I've figured out is

  ==<span title="explanatory text">
         multi word stuff, not upper case

which is a bit clunky.

Any ideas?

  Between the iron gates of fate, The seeds of time were sown,
  And watered by the deeds of those Who know and who are known;
  Knowledge is a deadly friend When no one sets the rules.
  The fate of all mankind I see Is in the hands of fools.
      - Greg Lake

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