I've been going NUTS trying to debug a new Radiant instance.  I was
getting the message about "Application Error" where the error was
thrown in the "Dispatcher or other Ruby code."  Nothing was showing up
in the app's production.log file nor my apache/phusion log file.

I messed with config files, copying things over from working apps, and
just wasn't getting anywhere.  Google searches weren't helping until I
saw something about permissions and it got me thinking.

I ran the radiant generator then CHOWNed the folder over to
"www-data:www-data" so Apache could have R/W access to it, what could
the problem be?

I forgot the "-R", making it recursive.  The child folders were still
owned by the generating user.  When Rack was trying to create a cache
folder and cache files, it was crashing, causing this error message.

The solution was just to do "sudo chown -R www-data:www-data
my_radiant_folder".  Now everything is golden.

- Jeff

Jeff Casimir
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