it's my first post to this list.

I'm working on a multilingual site in Radiant 0.8.0, where the first
language is German and the second language is English. For the
multilanguage-support I use the following extension:
(Version 0.5)

I'm having a problem with breadcrumbs. Since the homepage can't have
multilingual slugs, it can be addressed via /lang-de or /lang-en to
distinguish between two language versions. But the default home page
slug is still "/" (redirecting to the default language), and that is the
slug which is linked in the breadcrumbs under Homepage, regardeless of
which language is the site currently shown in. So the effect is, that
there are full functioning German breadcrumbs (since German is the
default site language and "/" redirects to "lang-de") and almost
functioning English breadcrumbs (where "/" redirects to the German home
page, which is neither correct nor desired).

The breadcrumbes are created automatically with the tag
<r:breadcrumbs />
so I persume, I will have to somehow create them on my own, using other
Radiant Tags such as <r:childrean_each> etc., but I'm not sure how to do
it or maybe there is another "clean" solution, which will allow me to
have a correct link to the English homepage in the English breadcrumbs.

I will be really thankful, if you could help, since the website is going
to be published in some hours and it's a new bug which I just
discovered, so I'm a bit under stress...

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