Jim Gay said the following on 11/09/2009 11:13 PM:
> Is this a new instance or an upgrade?
> If it's an upgrade, have you run "rake radiant:update"?

Its a new instance.

Not only that, but it seems my efforts to upgrade gems in general
have broken the other 0.6.9 application I was working on that I
thought I had 'frozen'.  This is very annoying and I don't know
where to start looking to fix this.  It basically means my work in
progress is  chronically zapped.  All off it, not just my trial of 0.8.1.

1. The 8.8.1 trial seems t be flopping all over the place with
   little logic.

2. The old 'frozen' 0.6.9 apps that worked yesterday morning seems
   to have been zapped by upgrading gems in my attempt to get the
   0.8.1 working.

   "Obviously" I should have taken a full disk snapshot that included
   /usr/lib/ruby !!!  You guys do that as a matter of course, don't you?

   The failing 0.6.9 errors begining with failing to find 'require':

`require': super: no superclass method `require' (NoMethodError)





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