Erik Ostrom said the following on 11/12/2009 01:43 PM:
> I don't have a solution to your problem, but the CITE tag shouldn't be
> used to mark a quotation. CITE is for the *source* of the quotation.
> HTML's Q tag (unsupported by RedCloth, AFAIK) and BLOCKQUOTE are more
> appropriate for the quotation itself.

Since this is in-line, the <blockquote> is inappropriate.

I'm aware of the _correct_ use of <cite> and do use it that way.
My example could have used just about any tag, but the CITE was
different enough to stand out.

What I've got here is a CLASS of problem, similar to the one I raised
last week when trying to put a callout on a phrase with a URL by using a
 css 'style'.

The quote marks for a URL link in RedCloth mean you can't use them at
the same time for a link.

I used the example of "??" words "??"

since  "" words ""
would mean

        openquote closequote  .....  openquote closequote.

At least the ?? tries to force matching.
But it doesn't.

My best 'kludge' so far is

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said
 "{font-style: italic;} The solution of every problem is another

But I' still not happy.  Its a kludge.
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