That is easy. There is a problem with passenger, where it doesn't load the 
paths properly. You need to manually set the path to imagemagick, which is 
usually /usr/local/bin/convert (do a 'which convert' to be sure). Paperclip 
(the gem Paperclipped is based on) looks in 'usr/bin/convert' and with 
passenger this doesn't get updated. You can set a config variable in Radiant:: 
Config called 'assets.image_magick_path' and set it to the base path of 
convert. This should do the trick for you. Let me know if that helps.


On Nov 15, 2009, at 5:06 PM, Nate wrote:

> Keith Bingman wrote:
>> ImageMagick needs to be 64bit, so you need to reinstall it and its 
>> dependancies.  I had a terrible time getting it all updated on my desktop. 
>> The MacBook was fine... go figure. 
> I got it all reinstalled and working... using Mongrel. For the life of 
> me I cannot figure out what's wrong with Passenger. The site just won't 
> build thumbnails when hosted locally using Passenger. On the production 
> server (Rails Playground) it works without problems. Maybe I need to 
> reinstall Passenger now that I have ImageMagick installed. I'll play 
> with that later. Deadlines are looming.
> ~Nate
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