2009/11/16 María Paula Mariani <paulamari...@gmail.com>:
> Hello!
> Does anybody knows if there's a document which explains the blog extension
> usage? I didn´t found it at the documentation stored at git.
> Thanks very much,
> --
> Paula

Admittedly, I've needed to add more details for a while.

Set Radiant::Config['blog.location.configurable?'] = 'true' and you
can add a "home" location for each user's blog (used to generate the
"new blog post" links on Dashboard
You may also set Radiant::Config['blog.location.default'] to something
generic so that every user creates posts on the same blog (such as
"/team/blog" or whatever is appropriate for you).

Originally I was going to bundle in the Comments extension as well,
but I pulled it out because I wanted to avoid the inevitable questions
about what to do if you already had Comments installed.
And I was looking into pulling in the Blog Tags extension (which I may
still do for the time_ago_in_words tag).
I've been considering pulling in the whole thing because there is
something nice about the brevity of using <r:next> instead of
<r:siblings:next> but having both might be a bit confusing.

I just pushed up some docs, so pull the latest.

Jim Gay
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