On 13/11/2009 19:43, John Long wrote:
> I'm working on that and the failing tests right now. Oops! :-)

Oops, umm, yes, indeed. Feeling more than a little embarrassed here. 
Sorry for causing more work for you than necessary.

I was aware that I should be running the tests, but I'm pretty green 
when it comes to TDD/BDD and got a little bit overwhelmed (I'm a 
designer by training, not a programmer). I did tentatively try running 
"rake spec", but this exploded in a shower of nasty looking error 
messages. Yikes. I figured I'd spend ages trying to get the tests to run 
properly, so I just submitted the patch. After all, the changed code is 
supposed to do exactly the same thing as the old code and therefore the 
tests should still pass in theory, right? Wrong. I now see the tests run 
deeper than simply testing for some end results.

So this morning I've been trying to get the tests running. I've 
installed RSpec and the other dependencies, had some trouble with 
cucumber (solved by forcing version 3.9 to install), then ran rake spec, 
had another explosion errors, installed an older version of webrat and 
finally the tests run.

But there are quite a few failures.

The biggest problem seems to be an "Errno::EACCES permission denied 
error". This gist shows it in all its glory:


In order to debug this, I added :verbose => true to the cp_r methods 
that seem to be causing the problems. The result of doing this is truly 
a WTF!?

http://gist.github.com/237155#LID182 (some lines snipped out for brevity)

Seems that adding the verbose option mysteriously makes the cp_r work. 
Although having said that, there is still one of those pesky EACCES 
errors back on line 120:


So, is this a bug in FileUtils, perhaps? I'm at a loss.


> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 2:01 PM, Charles Roper
> <reac...@charlesroper.co.uk>  wrote:
>> 2009/11/13 John Long<johnwlong2...@gmail.com>:
>>> Applied. Please verify.
>> Thanks John, looks good apart from one typo that I managed to slip in
>> there. I've added a comment to the commit:
>> http://github.com/radiant/radiant/commit/71646bb1574713435d257825f21d984eb4ea8ba3#L0R187
>> Want another patch or is it easier for you to fix?
>> Cheers,
>> Charles
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