I have tried to run the radiant command on top of your existing project 
replace the old configuration:

#> radiant /www/radiant1

and got a message:
undefined method `camelize' for "instance":String

Nevertheless request of the current version gave:
radiant -v                                                                      
Radiant 0.8.1 (previous version was 0.6.2)

Next step:
rake production db:migrate                                                      
(in /usr/local/www/radiant1)
/usr/local/www/radiant1/config/boot.rb:23:Warning: Gem::SourceIndex#search 
support for String patterns is deprecated, use #find_name
rake aborted!
undefined method `require_gem' for main:Object
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

Current gem:
gem -v                                                                          

What should I do to upgrade my radiant?
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