Hello, Radiant  users.

I am using radiant to drive a personal website, and would like to 
password-protect some of the content on the site. Can someone advise me as to 
the simplest path to accomplish this? In particular...

Should I create developer accounts for the (10-20) individuals to whom I want 
to give access? I do NOT want them to be able to edit the content, so I'd need 
a way to disable their ability to actually modify the site, so this doesn't 
seem like what I want. But I don't mind if they use the admin interface to log 

Should I install some combination of radiant-rbac_base-extension, 
radiant-rbac_page_edit-extension, etc.? Should I try to create my own roles? 
How complicated is this?

I understand that the user model in Radiant is primarily for the publishing / 
backend, not for restricting the viewing of content on the front-end. But has 
anyone solved this problem in a simple way already?

Thanks in advance,
- Ruby Newbie

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