> Perhaps this ties in with my "Last-Modified header question.

Anton--I looked through the archives and couldn't find this question.  I'd
be curious to read that thread if you can point me in the right direction.

> There are several extensions for Firefox that will let you view cache
> headers.  Web Developer and Firebug both come to mind.  For Firebug, clear
> your cache, enable Firebug, click the "Net" tab in the Firebug panel and
> load the offending page in Firefox.  You should see an entry in the Net
> panel with a "Headers" tab.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I should have a been a bit more specific
though...I know how to view the cache headers in safari and firefox, but I'm
still trying to wrap my head around how these headers work (I just read up
on them today for the first time), and I'm not sure what to try next.

One difference I'm seeing in the headers is that firefox sends a
HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH header in its request but safari does not.

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