Anton Aylward said the following on 11/26/2009 05:46 PM:
> Is there a way to add the "Last-Modified" header to a template and have
> it served correctly.
> Correctly ... ?
> Well, would that be from the date the page was last modified?
>   <r:date  [for="updated_at" />
> OK, so I have a page whose body is
> <r:if_children>
>     <r:children:each>
>         <r:content />
>     </r:children:each>
> </r:if_children>
> and one of those was modified later than the parent page ... which is
> quite reasonable if you set up structure before content.
> And what if there are further nesting?

Oh, and what about a page that isn't itself modified but uses a snippet,
and the snippet is modified, modified enough to make the page look very

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