John Long said the following on 12/01/2009 01:05 PM:
> This is not a bug. A 404 page is not intended to have children. I'd
> recommend that you include some javascript that automatically
> redirects to your home page.


I'm not sure I agree.
Marking an existing page as 404 'cos  its been taken out of service,
perhaps for legal reasons, seems reasonable, and its also reasonable
that its children need not be taken out of service.

This is no different, logically, from a parent page that is taken out of
service with a redirect to a replacement, and whose children are not
affected.  The only difference is whether or not there *is* a replacement.

So I see this as a parsing problem.
The parser hits a 404 page and stops.

Anyway ...
I tried puting a javascript redirect in the header -- IT'S SLOW!
It also gives out the wrong information

In the <head> for /extra I put

<script type="text/javascript">

and in /page-not-found I have

The page you were looking for - <r:attempted_url /> - could not be found

However after accessing /extra and getting redirected the message I see is

The page you were looking for - /page-not-found - could not be found

Which is not right.
At least when /extra was a 404 page the message was right.

I'm not a programmer.  I found that javascript snippet via google.
It seems to make sense.

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