Hi all,

I've set up my new website http://software-consultant.net/ using Radiant 0.8.1 
and a bunch of extensions. In particular, I use

* Archive
* Feed-Reader
* Markdown
* Blog
* Nested layouts
* Paperclipped attachments
* Reorder
* Tags
* Thinking-Sphinx search
* Navigation tags
* Sitemap
* Filesystem Import/Export

For production, the site is running on a dual-core AMD server, 6GB RAM with a 
hardware RAID-1 under 64bit Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTS - pretty decent hosting for what 
is basically a low-profile site. However, it takes Apache2/Passenger several 
seconds (~2 seconds, sometimes up to 3) to fully render a page, and from the 
rails logs I assume that it's not Apache being responsible for the delay. From 
the current log:

> Processing SiteController#show_page (for at 2010-01-04 
> 08:58:57) [GET]
>   Parameters: {"action"=>"show_page", "url"=>["projekte", 
> "redesign-webdynpro-java"], "controller"=>"site"}
> Completed in 1792ms (DB: 40) | 200 
> [http://software-consultant.net/projekte/redesign-webdynpro-java/]

My layout consists of a master template, a "page" template for most of the 
stuff and a "project" template inside "page" for URLs like the one mentioned 
above. No recursion involved. I've got ~50 pages and 8 snippets.

I suspect feedreader to connect to the RSS source for every request, which I 
will look into next. Removing the feedreader snippet from the layout doesn't 
show much improvement though, so what's taking Radiant so long?

I've got other rails applications on the very same setup that act quickly, so I 
guess it's not a general problem with my installation. Any comments? Your help 
is appreciated very much. Kind regards,

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