> Of interest:
> passenger will use the /config/environment.rb file's permissions to start
> Rails instance(s) as this user, unless, the file is set to root, in which
> case it will set the rails instance(s) to user nobody. This comes from the
> Passenger docs. Who cares? Well, we had to chown the /tmp dir recursively to
> user nobody (the directory that radiant uses to cache). Before doing so, we
> had http 500 internal server errors. This is more a unix permissions thing
> than a radiant thing, but it's in the context so I mention it as
> forewarning.
I usually set up an instance as a neutral "deploy" user, or chown the 
whole deployment tree to the "www-data" user (Apache).  Although it's 
slightly harder to execute arbitrary code in a Rails app than a typical 
PHP app, it's still smart to sandbox when possible.

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