Basic use case:
User logs in --> ldap verified --> Rails/Radiant Auth
(restful_authentication or similar) --> user goes to a Forum (without having
to log in again)

First, is there an extensions that I could hook in to that wraps something
like restful_auth? (member extension won't work because admin must create
user) I could probably just utilize the ruby-net-ldap stuff myself provided
I could hook in to something like this.

Second, if I use beastly, provided user has been authenticated (via whatever
is the answer to my first question), will beastly/altered beast "recognize"
that user (achieving single sign on)?

Feedback/thoughts? If not, I'll probably have to supplant and use our
already existing python/django ldap code, use a django forum, tweak Apache
virtual hosts -- you catch my drift? Thanks all ;-)

Basic forum requirements:
1. Data Migration: How do they store the data? DB not flat files? MySQL?
2. User Management: Single login via LDAP -> whatever (Rails session,etc.)
3. Subscriptions & RSS Integration
4. Easy to skin (CSS, etc.)
5. Attachments
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