This is really fabulous work. Well done!


On 1/6/10 3:07 AM, John Long wrote:
> Howdy folks,
> I am thrilled to announce that we have just deployed a new version of
> the Radiant Extension Registry for your enjoyment. We are working hard
> to make it easy for you to find and install excellent Radiant
> extensions. There are now over 170 extensions on the site!
> You can visit the registry here:
> New features include:
> * A new look and feel - you will notice a lot of things look much nicer
> * Search - find extensions based on title or description
> * Pagination - with so many extensions, this was really needed
> * Screenshots - get a feel for the quality of the extension before installing
> * Available for Hire - you can now list that you are "available for
> hire" if you are interested in developing Radiant extensions
> professionally
> ATTENTION EXTENSION AUTHORS!!! Please update your extensions to
> include screenshots. Also the descriptions on most of the extensions
> could really use an update. Descriptions are now truncated on the
> index, which means that you can be a lot more descriptive on the
> extensions page. Please take the time to write a nice description for
> your extension.
> Special thanks to Joel Oliveira who helped me implement the new look
> and the screenshots functionality. Also, Victor vonder Luft of
> was a huge help with getting it deployed.
> Let me know if you run into any problems on the new site. We are still
> getting a couple of things ironed out.
> --
> John Long
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