Today I'm launching my first client site with Radiant and, before it
goes live, wanted to setup New Relic RPM for performance monitoring.
It's not tricky, but if you want to do the same, here's how:

1) Change to your radiant root directory, then cd to vendor/plugins/
2) Download the latest archive from their github page
(  On my linux host I used wget:
3) Extract the archive (in my case using "tar -xvf newrelic-rpm-db3063f.tar.gz")
4) Move/rename the folder to "rpm"
5) Delete the archive file
6) Signup for a New Relic account if you haven't already
7) Download the newrelic.yml
8) Edit the YML file to change "My Application" to the name of your app
9) Put the YML file in the "config" folder of your radiant install
10) Restart your webserver

That should be it.  I had data pop up on within a few minutes.

Good luck,
Jeff Casimir
Jumpstart Lab by Casimir Creative, LLC
@jumpstartlab on twitter
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