Sorry for replying to my own post, but is actually is easily fixable:

Line 34 of lib/action_controller.rb of the packed actionpack lib inside radiant 
pins rack to versions up to 1.0.0. I've commented it out, no probs so far.

Which leads me to another issue: What would it take to provide a version of 
radiant without pre-included rails? Is the radiant-provided version of rails 
different than the official release?

I'd really like to have an option to install radiant as a single gem, with 
dependencies to standard rails and stuff. Any comments? Regards,


Am 07.01.2010 um 20:06 schrieb Christian Aust:

> my "rack" gem would like to update to something newer than the 1.0.0 that is 
> required from somewhere inside Radiant 0.8.1
> Unfortunately, Radiant doesn't start with a never version. Is that easy 
> fixable? Is it just a pinned version somewhere, or is it a real dependency? 
> Regards,

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