On 28.01.2010, at 19:05, Alexis Masters wrote:

> Hello,
> I have numerous successful Radiant sites running now and I love the  
> CMS, though I have always has some difficulty getting the extensions  
> installed. I have been working in a shared environment with earlier  
> Radiant sites, but since I hoped to use Multi-Site and host a number  
> of Radiant clients in this instance, I decided to move to a VPS  
> account. I have had the worst trouble installing the necessary  
> extensions. Almost none installed correctly though I have gone through  
> each extension's README and installed every required gem. Is this  
> because something is missing from the configuration that needs to be  
> there for extensions to install properly? I am on a VPS account  
> running passenger. We have installed Radiant 0.8.1 from the current  
> gem. We have tried both Ruby-enterprise-1.8.7-2009.10 and  
> REE1.8.6-20090201 but the problem persists.
> Here is the message I get when trying to install with the standard  
> script install method:
> rake aborted!
> You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
> The error occurred while evaluating nil.to_sym

Any chance you try to install radiant with the gallery extension?

did you include

          config.after_initialize do
            Radiant::Config["gallery.storage"] = "file_system"



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