On 25.01.2010, at 14:16, Christian Aust wrote:

> Hi all,
> A client needs kind of a directory website, like an employee directory, with 
> pages for each employee. I'd like to propose a solution using Radiant. 
> However, due to the amount of employees and the repetetive structure of those 
> pages, it would be uncomfortable and hard to handle to create an individual 
> page for each of them.
> The final directory URL structure should look like this:
> website root
> - employees
>  - emp1
>    - Documents
>    - Photos
>  - emp2
>    - Documents
>    - Photos
>  - [employee n]
>    - Documents
>    - Photos
> Pages in Radiant would be:
> - employees (Type: Employee archive)
>  - Documents for %1 (Type: Normal page)
>  - Photos for %1 (Type: Normal page)
> I was wondering if the "employees" would be some kind of an archive 
> extension, getting the list of employees from the database. A request for 
> /employees/emp1/ would be handled by the archive, selecting the data for emp1 
> and getting the layout from the content of "employees", effectively producing 
> emp1's personal page. A request for /employees/emp1/documents/ would be 
> handled by the archive, too, checking if there's a page below with a slug 
> "documents" and getting it's content from there.
> I've done some RoR stuff but I'm rather new to Radiant (although I've dug 
> through the code) It'd be most appreciated if you could spare some time to 
> help me with these questions:
> (1) Is there something like this already? Are you aware of anything that's 
> similar so I could start from something?

E.g. The Gallery Extension uses the url parameters to "know" what it has to 
Render. Have a look at it. Especially the GalleryPagetype
So, Mabybe its a Pagetype and some radius tags what you want.

> (2) How would I make my list of employees behave like pages (and play nicely 
> with the sitemap extension and others) - without them showing up on the 
> "pages" tab?

I did not have look at the sitemap extension. but if yout custom page would 
respond correct to .children it might just play nicely

> (3) What's best practice to expand variables in a document title (like 
> "Documents for %1" which should become "Documents for John Doe")

radius tags
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