I'm having a small issue that is not helping the SEO work of a website
made under Radiant. This website uses Multilingual Extension, and as
said in the documentation
(http://github.com/jomz/radiant-index-page-extension) we've applied
this statement:

"The Home page

The home page somehow is a special beast. The problem is: it doesn’t
really have a slug. The slug of your home page is /. How do you
translate that? Bummer. Route suffixes to the rescue! Just use
/lang-<your lang> (e.g. /lang-de) instead of / to access your home
page in your preferred language. "

The fact is that we've lost the "Index", the root of the site. The
main domain doesn't exist by itself but with the addition of "
/lang-en", for example.

If you need more information in regards to provide some help, let me
know. As always, your comments will be very appreciated!

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