Hi Folks,

We are testing our application and I am delighted with how much we were able
to put together in a short time. Radiant is really working for us.

I just tracked down some strange behavior and am hoping that this is
something that folks have encountered before and can help me understand.

We use a series of tools to manage our deploys into our target environments,
amongst them Capistrano.  Cap, as I¹m sure you are aware, creates new
directories in the releases folder and updates the symbolic link ³current²
to point to the newest release.

I just encountered a problem in QA where a controller in the current
directory was getting an instance of a model in one of the older release
directories. It was clearly apparent because the paths are visible in the
stack trace.  

Because of that, I moved the older directory and did a number of page
refreshes to get the current content displayed correctly.

What puzzles me the most is that with each install (the ³stuck² version was
a few installations back), the mongrel processes are killed, pids are
cleaned up, and the processes are re-started.  Of course, one aspect of
Capistrano is that there is a shared tmp directory between all releases.  I
checked to see if there were any files sitting in the tmp directory though
and all directories and sub directories were empty.

Has anyone encountered something like this before?  Thanks so much for your

- Peter

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