Hi Folks,

We are just about ready to launch and our experience with Radiant, the
extensions and the community has been great.

I¹m hoping that I could get some help in understanding how to manage the
configuration of the asset path for the Paperclipped extension version

We have two production servers with a common NFS mounted directory so that
regardless of which server handles the image upload, both servers will see
the same image.

Is it correct to use the Radiant:: Config[³assets.path²] to configure this
value?  If so, it is then correct to place this setting in the
vendor/radiant/config/environments/production.rb file?  I¹ve tried different
configurations, such as using the config/environments/production.rb file,
but that causes an ActiveRecord error (no surprises there).

To verify the correct setting of the configuration value, I did the
following on my dev system:

:script/console production
Loading production environment (Rails 2.3.4)
>> require 'environment'
=> true
>> Radiant::Config["assets.path"]

However, the same process on the production box (A CentOS Xen VM) produced:

$ script/console production
Loading production environment (Rails 2.3.4)
>> require 'environment'
=> true
>> Radiant::Config["assets.path"]
=> nil

I¹ve verified that the correct environments/production.rb file is on the
production system as well.  Also, it may be beneficial to mention that we
were seeing successful uploads to the default filesystem location

It would be helpful to know if the above method is indeed the correct way to
configure the asset path.  If so, then we will continue working to resolve
the issue on our production systems.

Many thanks,


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