I'm playing with Radiant and the multi_site extension, the setup is
really simple.

Install Radiant and build a site (create database, run rake tasks
etc). Install multi_site as an extension.
Go to localhost:3000/admin and create a new site setting the default
page id to 1
Create another new site and leave the default page id blank, set the
domain names to test.local
Update /etc/hosts so that test.local goes to

If I look in the DB everything looks like it should.

Browsing to http://localhost:3000 shows the site I first created
Browsing to http://test.local:3000 'fails' as the page cannot be
display (I expect this, the default page is not yet published)
Browsing to http://localhost:3000/admin/pages shows the admin site for
the site I first created with the collection of pages for that site
Browsing to http://kevin.local:3000/admin/pages does not show the
pages for the new site it shows the pages for the site I first
created, this is not what I expected

Is this a bug/feature or am I missing something?

Kevin Jones
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