No sooner did I post this question than I found the answer! Went back  
to the extension directory and reread Sean's description more  
carefully. Set the Blog archive page for twitter and the post appeared  
instantly on twitter. Now, next question: the twitter posting includes  
a huge long URL that takes up almost all 140 characters... Q1). Does  
anyone have a suggestion for how this can be shortened or is this just  
the nature of dynamic twitter posts?
Q2). Is it possible to mod the postings to the client's URL so that it  
does not include the posts that originate in the "Radiant Twitter  
~ Alexis

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> From: Alexis Masters <>
> Date: March 10, 2010 5:07:26 PM PST
> To:
> Subject: Twitter Extension Not Posting To Twitter
> I have Sean's Twitter extension installed on The  
> extension is posting Laurie's most recent Twitters to her site, but  
> not to her Twitter account. I have review all the ReadMe stuff,  
> looked at the.rb file, confirmed her Twitter username and password.  
> Is there still something I've failed to do?
> ~ Alexis

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