I'd like to use Radiant's standard cache but have control over what goes
into it.  Specifically, I'd like to store multiple rendered copies of the
same page with the same slug but with small pieces different based on locale
(which will probably just mean a session variable).

So, for example, I'll have a "products" page at /products, and everything
will be the same throughout the page except a couple of prices.  On the
prices, I'll show pounds for the UK and Euros for Ireland.

I'm familiar with the multilingual_pages extension, but that is not
acceptable because the customer requires that it be the exact same slug, not
a separate one for each locale.

So I just want to change how the rendered pages get put into and pulled out
of the cache.  I'd like to store them not just keyed off of the slug but by
slug plus locale.  Thus, each slug would be stored multiple times--once for
each locale.  Then, when I pull them out of the cache, I'll look for the
same slug+locale combo and send the matching entry on down.

My question is this: Can someone point me to the right place in the radiant
code?  Where is it that cache keys are created and rendered pages stored in
the cache with said keys?  I'm also open to other suggestions about how to
approach this issue, but I'm especially interested in finding that code so I
can monkey-patch it.  I've looked through it and thus far haven't come
across the obvious place.

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