On Apr 1, 2010, at 5:14 PM, Arlen Walker wrote:

> Was working with a development environment when suddenly the admin pages 
> started looking funny, and I'm getting some javascript errors.
> The js errors are centered around Behavior, which comes from lowpro.js, and 
> I'm noticing that the admin pages aren't loading it correctly. not sure what 
> I screwed up, but when I try to go back and rebuild from fresh, I'm getting 
> "undefined method 'locale'" after logging in.
> Any idea what I screwed up?

rake db:migrate

Radiant is now internationalized and a 'locale' is added for each user in the 

Have you updated your public files and configs with this:

rake radiant:update

If that doesn't solve it, look into any file loading errors where it might look 
for javascripts/lowpro.js, but it's actually in javascripts/admin/lowpro.js. 
Some extensions had required lowpro and if you've updated them, they might be 
looking for it in a new location.

Jim Gay

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