PageParts is now available from the extension registry:

I fear I over-explained this originally, so here's a recap and some  
screen shots.

The combination of page parts and Radius tags makes for a lot of  
flexibility, but sometimes it's not enough. Wouldn't it be great if  
you could just add a page part and get a file uploader instead of a  
text area? Or a calendar pop-up? Or even a fieldset with multiple form  
elements inside it?

Enter PageParts. It allows you to create new kinds of page parts that  
handle any data, not just text.

A few examples --

The Add Part popup. You'll notice something new here:

A part for attaching files to a page:

A page part with a calendar pop-up:

It's really easy to get started, too. You can define new kinds of  
parts with just a few lines of code. Here's all the code needed for  
those two examples --

Defining a File part:

Defining a Date part:

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