Morning all,

Finally I got the edge release working on dreamhost.

I stumbled across this article:

I then had a go at switching to edge and calling rake production:db
bootstrap with RAILS_ENV=production stuck on the end, and it worked.

The problem may have been the environments.rb getting updated on the rake
just before I called the bootstrap, and hence removing the RAILS_ENV from my

I'm going to try and do a few more installs and get tweak the install
instructions for dreamhost in the wiki when I get time.


Anyhoo.. next problem! Bet you all love me!

I've installed a number of extensions and they all work great, except where
they require javascript.

Both Bespin and Tiny_Paper use /javascript/admin/xxx.js files and when you
navigate to those files I get "page not found".

I installed bespin using ray and tiny_paper using script/extension

Any thoughts on why this might be the case?

Thanks for all your help so far.

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